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Valentine's Day

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Valentines Day

Whether you are near or far, make this special day about Your Valentine. Our digital gifting solution is all about making celebrations fun and convenient. Valentine’s day gifts add a lot of stress to both men and women. Couples just never know what to get their partners. Well, gifting just got easier guys!

Valentines Gift Ideas in Dubai, UAE

Say it with this Valentine’s Day is the first of its kind online mall for eGift Cards in the Middle East. With over 75 popular brands in the UAE there is plenty of Valentine’s gift ideas for him and her in Dubai, UAE. Are you worried that your eGift Cards are too impersonal for a Valentine’s day gift? Add your personal touch with a loving picture from your first date, trip, fun memory, or even better, record a 30” video or a sweet audio clip with their favorite song in the background. But that’s not all, attach a heart-felt message to the Valentine’s eGreeting Card of your choice. There are lots of room for creativity with our personalization features.

Our gifting solution is fun, fast and convenient making your last-minute Valentines Day gift ideas an ease. Whether you are looking to gift to Dubai or gift to UAE from anywhere in the world, the perfect gift is just a few clicks away. The best part of it all is that you can schedule the delivery for a particular day or deliver instantly.

For a receiver, this is the ultimate Gift of Choice simply because our eGift Cards are valid for up to one year giving your partner plenty of time to choose something they’re really yearning for. Redemption is easy too. All they have to do is show the eGift Code safely stored in the eWallet feature of our app and redeem on the spot.

Valentines Gifts to Dubai, UAE

What’s the best part about using for Valentines Day? Well, apart from making the most of the smooth, headache free, online experience while everyone else is scrambling for the same last minute monotonous gifts, your loved one is lucky enough to receive a gift card with endless possibility. Order an eGift Card this Valentines Day and share the love in just a few clicks, sending them to your loved on through SMS, Facebook, and email.

Finding the perfect gift on Valentines Day is always difficult. has a wide selection of brands including malls, women and men clothing, major jewelry brands, cosmetic & fragrance stores and the list goes on. Our selection of brands helps us cater to foodies, fashionistas, movie gooers, music lovers and extreme sports & outdoor fanatics. With all these options, you can be sure your darling will get a chance to choose what they really want and keep the amorous mood of Valentines Day and avoid disappointment.

Happy Valentines Day!

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O 100 Perfumes O 100 Perfumes Beauty & Cosmetics
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SHEIN SHEIN Online Shopping
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Half Million Half Million Restaurants & Cafes
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Styli Styli Fashion & Accessories
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Al Saif Gallery Al Saif Gallery Home & Garden
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Jo Spa Jo Spa Beauty & Wellness
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Blooming Wear Blooming Wear Fashion & Accessories
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Daily Mealz Daily Mealz Food Delivery
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Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Beauty & Wellness
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