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Group Gift FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Group gifting is the easiest way to invite friends to contribute to a bigger and better gift for any occasion. It allows multiple gift givers to contribute toward an eGift Card for the receiver to purchase any item from a target store or online.

They will get an eGift Card to purchase the gift themselves.

  1. Choose the eGift Card, who it’s for, and when it should be delivered.
  2. Enter the minimum amount you’d like to put towards the eGift Card and write a message to the recipient.
  3. Invite others to contribute an amount towards the gift and write a message to the recipient. On the scheduled date, the Group Gift will be sent via SMS or Email.

Easily get people together to celebrate, regardless of distance, Keep all communications and funds in one place.

No, the contributors don’t need to download our YouGotaGift app to contribute.

The receiver will get a HappyYOU card that is redeemable on all of our listed brands.

The creator of the Group Gift sets the minimum contribution value. The set minimum value is AED 10.

The maximum value allowed to be added to one gift card is equivalent to AED 5,000.

Yes! The Group Gift scheduled delivery date can be edited. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Yes! The recipient message can be edited. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

You can share the link to the invitees through email, WhatsApp, and Facebook in one click. Also, there is a provision where you can copy the link and directly send it to the contributors.

Of course, you can! Please download the YouGotaGift mobile app to split and spend your eGift Card across multiple brands/purchases.

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