5 Reasons You Should Consider Group Gifting for Your Next Occasion

Whether inspired by the proverbial helper’s high, expressing profound gratitude, or simply spreading some cheer, gifting is an uplifting experience that speaks a universal language. And it has some immediate return gifts for the sender: studies have shown that gifting boosts positive emotions, improves health, and contributes to overall greater happiness.

But imagine if you had the option of making your gift bigger, better, and more impactful without any extra contributions and providing the receiver with the fantastic flexibility of choosing from thousands of gifts of their choice. That option is right here with group gifting, the best way to celebrate friends, family, and colleagues. Here are five compelling reasons why your next gift should be a group gift: 

From birthdays and wedding gifts to celebrating teachers and graduations, to office farewells, or simply connecting with a friend, group gifting is the most convenient way to invite your friends or family to contribute to a bigger and better gift for any occasion. On YOUGotaGift, for example, the HappyYOÜ Multi-Brand eGift Card is a fabulous option that offers 700+ brands to redeem for the gift receiver.

With group gifting, anyone can take the lead to organize and collect money online from a group of people and send it to the receiver as a digital gift card, avoiding the hassles of doing the same process physically in a way that often gets overwhelming. That’s one of the apparent reasons why the digital group gifting segment has grown extremely fast over the past years.

Creating a customised group gift is easy: designate the occasion, image, and group message for a personalised group gift. Or you can select a gift card and suggest individual contributions and gift amounts, who it’s for, and when it should be delivered.

Creating a group gift on leading marketplaces such as YOUGotaGift.com is simple and fun. Start the contribution by entering the amount you’d like to put towards the eGift card and write a message to the recipient. Find others to contribute an amount towards the gift and write their message to the recipient. Once the contributions are completed, the Group Gift will be sent automatically via SMS or email on the date and time you scheduled as an organiser, and that’s it!

When was the last time you honored your favorite teacher? More than 50% of group gifting globally celebrates the invaluable contribution of teachers, which peaks throughout the year on days such as Teacher’s Day and the beginning of the academic year.

If that’s not what you’d like to gift for, worry not: other occasions for group gifting include significant festivals and events such as Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and weddings. With an easy setup, customised greetings and messages, payments without an app download, PCI DSS-compliant secure transactions, and the option of choosing from 500+ brands, group gifting with YOUGotaGift is a seamless and enjoyable process that takes the pain out of gifting.

The convenience of organising, coordinating, and collecting money from a group of people and managing it fully online is something only possible through digital group gifting.

Powered by technology and convenience, group gifting on YOUGotaGift grew by 100 times during the Covid pandemic, and in 2021 it grew by another 160%, indicating the popularity of group gifting.

Despite all the convenience, why should customers use a digital group gift card rather than paying by cash? Collecting cash from a disparate group of people is a tedious and time-consuming task, and they might even be located across various geographies. A group gift organiser can easily open a gift online and invite friends, family, and colleagues to contribute via email or social media.

This gifting season, blur geographical boundaries and take your gifting skills to the next level by opting for an online group gift and watch the pure joy and excitement of the gift receiver with the bountiful and meaningful present that you gave.


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