Pain Points & Solutions for Rewarding Employees

In this blog, we’ll explore the problems associated with traditional rewarding and offer easy ways to avoid making mistakes that can cost you time and money. From providing employees with the freedom to choose their own rewards to eliminating logistical challenges, eGift Cards represent a seamless, digital alternative that meets the needs of today’s HR managers and workforce.

Unwanted Rewards

Most employees receive the wrong kinds of rewards, which they don’t like.

eGift Cards

Employees can use eGift Cards to purchase whatever they choose, can be instantly redeemed, and even saved for later use.

Logistical Hassles

Traditional rewarding methods have transportation, printing and distribution costs, require extensive planning, have geographical barriers and take time to manage.

End-to-End Digital

eGift Cards are end-to-end digital, which means they are instant, can be delivered via email/SMS/WhatsApp. They are also secure and are often more convenient (and wanted) for the employees.

Managing & Organizing

Time spent organizing and managing rewards takes time away from other important tasks. Keeping track of seasons and occasions for each employee is time-consuming and tedious, which may result in missing important dates.

Scheduling & Bulk Rewards

eGift Card rewarding allows managers to easily schedule & send bulk rewards to employees at their convenience. Rather than manually sending eGift Cards to each and every person, they can plan ahead, set it and forget it.

Limited Branding

Traditional rewards have very limited customization options and are costly to change.

Complete Customization

eGift Cards bring instant and unlimited design options and AI-enabled messages with co-branding capabilities, making your eGift Cards more personal and employee-focused.

Limited Brand Choice

Rewards that are lacking brand options do more harm than good.

The HappyYOU Card

The HappyYOU Card is a Multi-Brand super card, redeemable across 900+ brands in the GCC (Online & In-store brands). It’s simply the most flexible reward for any and every occasion, bringing a wide range of choice to employees.

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