Insights: Digital Gift Cards Driving Cross-Border Gifting in the Middle East

Our eCommerce data showed a growing trend in cross-border gifting from across the globe towards the Middle East. Additionally, we’ve also witnessed the rise in recent seasonal data during the Eid al-Adha period in the UAE and KSA. With these findings, we decided to conduct an in-depth analysis into our internal transactional data to discover the evolving patterns and behaviors…

Giving During the Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and increased devotion for people around the world. One of the core principles of Ramadan is giving to those in need. They are encouraged to give generously during this month, not only as an act of charity but also as a means of expressing gratitude. Giving during Ramadan is a virtuous…

A Quick Guide to Employee Rewards

Many think producing motivation in the workplace is a costly and timely practice with little to no return. In fact, 57% of HR leaders say that finding the right tools to motivate is a challenging task1. Making sure your employees are happy, recognized and productive seems like somewhat of a daunting achievement as an HR leader, but we’re here to…

The Power of the ‘ Wow Factor ’: Delighting Customers in 2023 and Beyond

Delighting Customers and Building Lifelong Relationships  In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever for businesses to find ways to differentiate themselves and create a positive customer experience. One powerful way to do this is by using the “wow factor” – going above and beyond to exceed customers’ expectations and create unforgettable experiences. This article will explore the power…

Year in Review: 2022

YOÜ2022: A Year in Review

As the new year rolls in, it’s important to look back to reflect on the success, achievements and shortcomings of 2022. It’s been a huge year for us, and we hope the coming year brings even more opportunities for a bigger and better product and experience for our customers.

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