Why Gift Cards Are a Game-Changer for Your Brand

Gift Cards are popular, in fact, the gift card industry is set to reach USD 1.4 trillion globally and USD 6 billion regionally by 2026. Having said that, it’s important to note down the benefits that a gift card program can bring to your business. Let’s jump right in.

So what is a gift card program? Essentially, a gift card program is one that allows brands to set up gift cards for their products and services, and allows them to be used as gifts and incentives for consumers and employees.

The benefits of a gift card program can do wonders for your business:

  • Boost Sales
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Deliver Insights
  • Build Loyalty

Let’s take a look at each in detail.

  • Boost Sales: With gift cards, consumers spend up to 40% more of the card value on their purchases increasing your revenue. Your brand can also boost sales by making your gift cards available on new sales channels including consumer and business programs. When it comes to gifting, your brand can acquire two customers for the price of one.

  • Brand Awareness: Once your gift card program is up and running you can sell your gift cards through various channels such as loyalty programs, channel incentives and employee rewards that will maximize your reach to new customers and help you gain extended visibility which will result in an increase in brand awareness.

  • Deliver Insights: Digital forms of gift cards became more popular post-COVID and have continued to evolve in a digital sense, meaning they’re easier to use, trackable, and can be sent and received instantly and easily. Now you can see where, how, and when your customers use gift cards, you can make use of this valuable data for your future campaigns.

  • Build Loyalty: Gift cards are a great way to reward and retain your customers for their repeated business. More than that, you can even reward your resellers and distributors for pushing your product onto the end user! This builds loyalty and advances your business in front of competitors.

Gift Card Solutions for Enterprises

Gift card solutions make it super easy for your brand to issue gift cards and run an end-to-end gift card program – so you can spend more time growing your business, and less time stressing over the technical details.

Omnichannel Gift Card Program (SaaS)

The Omnichannel Gift Card Program allows retailers to deliver gift cards digitally and physically across multiple channels, establishing their own Branded Currency mix. Branded currency can be characterized as a form of payment unique to a particular brand or merchant that stores value and serves as a means of exchange for goods and services. This can encompass a variety of physical or digital payment methods, including coupons, loyalty points, and gift cards.

Value Added Services

Below are some of the additional features offered by our solution:

  • Gift Card eCommerce
  • Third Party Distribution API
  • Bulk Order Fulfillment
  • mPOS (Sales & Reporting)

Gift Card eCommerce

With a quick configuration and minimal effort, Gift Card eCommerce makes it easy for you to sell your own gift cards online. Our security-minded white-label gifting and promotions platform offers a hassle-free no-code integration. You will be able to enhance your eCommerce capabilities with a seamless eGift Card customer experience.

Third Party Distribution API

A third party distribution API allows retailers to distribute their gift card processing function to multiple gift card distributors through a single API. YOÜProcess’s distribution API is designed to be scalable, secure and easy to integrate with a wide range of applications and platforms. Additionally, it provides comprehensive documentation, developer support and testing tools to make it easy for developers to integrate the gift card processing into 3rd party applications. 

Bulk Order Fulfillment

Bulk order fulfillment gives you the power to manage your orders through our end-to-end system, brings you multiple delivery modes, real time order fulfillment and tracking, and even helps you manage the corporate account wallet.

mPOS (Merchant Point of Sale) & Reporting:

Gift card programs can provide a wealth of valuable data, and a report portal (mPOS) is available to allow merchants to access this information. This enables you to provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience across multiple touch points such as your brick-and-mortar, online stores as well as mobile applications.

If you’re looking for an effective way to increase revenue, build customer loyalty, and gain valuable customer insights, then setting up a gift card program can be the right move for you. With the gift card solutions offered by YOÜProcess, brands can reach a larger audience, increase sales and boost engagement. Our proprietary platform supports both physical and digital gift cards, which can be delivered via email or SMS.  If you would like to learn more, visit us and let’s connect.

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