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April 24, 2024

YouGov-YOUGotaGift study reveals nearly seven out of 10 Saudi nationals favor gift cards over conventional presents

May 01, 2024

Using digital gift cards to build loyalty

April 08, 2024

Digital ‘Eidiya’ on the rise in Middle East and North Africa

June 16, 2024

Eid Al Adha 2024: UAE consumers prefer digital gift cards for presents and salary incentives

October 25, 2022

شراكة بين «يو جوت أجيفت» و«تابي» لتوفير خدمة اشتر الآن وادفع لاحقاً

October 25, 2023

فوزية الحوشان: بطاقات الهدايا الإلكترونية تدعم الاستدامة البيئية

September 17, 2023

The Popularity & Adaptability of Gift Cards are Transforming Employee & Customer Rewarding Programs in the MENA

September 10, 2023

E-gifting platform YOUGotaGift announces partnership with eXtra

September 10, 2023

YOUGotaGift Accelerates Innovation Using Amazon EKS and Amazon Aurora Global Database

August 17, 2023

YOUGotaGift champions the evolving digital landscape with sustainable e-gift cards

June 3, 2023

Beyond gifting: The hidden benefits of gift cards

December 24, 2022

YouGotaGift CEO says ‘product-centricity’ the key to their phenomenal success

November 26, 2022

Dubai-based firm to add more Qatari brands to its eGift cards marketplace