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Validity 6 months
Latt Liv
About this Gift Card
LÄTT LIV, Swedish for "Easy Life," epitomizes the joy of simple living. Founded in 2014 in GZ, China, we specialize in household product R&D and production. Our quality products are beloved globally, offering an inspirational shopping experience with an extensive range at unbeatable prices. We've expanded to five continents and continue to grow.
Now you can easily gift your loved ones with a 'Laat Liv' eGift Card. Our eGift Cards offer more than just a typical present. They blend beauty and freedom, providing endless choices. The recipient receives an eGift Card with a specific value, granting them the liberty to purchase from 'Laat Liv' stores. They can explore a wide range of innovative products, choosing what suits their preferences. This offers a unique opportunity to express your love and care, while giving the recipient the freedom to select their preference. 'Laat Liv' electronic gift cards merge personal touch with the liberty of choice, making them an extraordinary and valuable gift.
You can even customize your Latt Liv eGift Card and choose a theme from our many designs which cover all occasions and events, and then personalise it with a message, picture, or a video, and send it instantly or schedule a perfect time in advance. Your loved one will receive their Latt Liv eGift Card conveniently on their email or via SMS, with an exciting digital unwrapping experience. They can then walk into any Latt Liv stores located in Saudi Arabia with their eGift card and walk out with the gifts of their choice! This is gifting made easy, fun, convenient and safe! This is gifting with YouGotaGift!
  • This eGift Card can be used to redeem any product at Latt Liv stores in Saudi Arabia.
  • This eGift Card is valid for a one-time purchase at its full value.
  • Expired eGift Cards cannot be extended, replaced, or refunded.
  • does not accept cash refunds or monetary refunds.
  • Items purchased by the eGift Card are refundable as per the refund and exchange policy of the merchant. The merchant is solely responsible for the product & service offered to the customers.
  • eGift Cards once issued cannot be canceled, exchanged, extended or refunded and are subject to the terms & conditions of the merchant.
  • Items purchased using this eGift Card are refundable as per the refund and exchange policy of the merchant. The merchant is solely responsible for the product & service provided to customers through the use of this eGift Card.
Latt Liv, Riyadh Gallery Mall550501862
Latt Liv, Hayat Mall550501862
Latt Liv , Panorama Mall566583023
Lätt Liv, Makan Mall566583023
Latt Liv, View Mall535866107
Latt Liv, Othaim Khurais535866107
Latt Liv, Shorofat Al Nada500539497
Lätt Liv, Roshn Front 558615727
Latt Liv, Alia Plaza 500539497
Latt Liv, Nakheel Mall - لات ليف النخيل 550508276
Latt Liv, Al Hamra Mall 560531552
Al Ahsa
Al Ahsa, Al Othaim Mall553676564
Dammam, Nakheel Mall552036689
Latt Liv, Othaim Mall, Buraidah539067364
Latt Liv, Nakheel Mall, Buraidah539067364
Latt Liv, Al Othaim Mall, Onaiza557925041
Latt Liv, The Park Mall, Taif966 55 564 7548
Latt Liv, Boulevard, Khamis Mushait055 406 7235
Latt Liv, Rashid Mall, Abha 055 406 7235
Latt Liv, Rashid Mall, Jizan055 792 5206
Lattliv, Sarawat Mall, Namas059 088 4079