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Validity 6 months
Abdul Samad Al Qurashi
About this Gift Card
Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is a leading company in the world of luxury perfumes, proud of its heritage and expertise for more than 150 years, guaranteeing an outstanding and unique quality fragrances for an unforgettable experience.
The ASQ eGift card, gives your loved ones the option of choosing what they desire from a unique collection of perfumes, oils, incense and much more.

This gift is suitable for Birthdays, Eid, holidays, Valentine's Day, weddings and all special occasions. This eGift card can be used to express your love for that special someone.

What makes a perfume gift card the better choice? Scents are meant to awaken your senses and boost your mood, by encouraging the release of endorphins, which triggers the memory of the person wearing the fragrance. No more confusion when it comes to buying gifts, let them choose what they prefer by using ASQ eGift cards!
You can even customize your ASQ eGift card and choose a theme from our many designs which cover all occasions and events, and then personalize it with a message, picture, or a video, and send it instantly or schedule a perfect time in advance. Your loved one will receive their ASQ eGift card conveniently on their email or via SMS, with an exciting digital unwrapping experience. They can then walk into any ASQ store in Saudi Arabia with their ASQ eGift card and walk out with the gifts of their choice! This is gifting made easy, fun, convenient and safe! This is gifting with YouGotaGift!
  • This eGift card is only valid for a one time purchase or single transaction to the full value unless otherwise specified.
  • The eGift card can be redeemed across all stores of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi in KSA.
  • Expired eGift Cards cannot be extended, exchanged or refunded.
  • eGift Cards once issued cannot be canceled, exchanged, extended or refunded and are subject to the terms & conditions of the merchant.
  • Items purchased using this eGift Card are refundable as per the refund and exchange policy of the merchant. The merchant is solely responsible for the product & service provided to customers through the use of this eGift Card.
Main Center920007173
Gallery Tabuk Showroom920007173
Tabuk Park Showroom920007173
Olayaa Showroom920007173
Al Hokair Mall Showroom920007173
Raqee Mall Showroom920007173
Al-Waha Showroom‎920007173
Al-Othaim Mall Showroom‎920007173
Valley Mall Showroom‎920007173
Al-Jouf Plaza Showroom‎920007173
Grand Mall Showroom920007173
Salma Mall Showroom920007173
Hail Al-Tamami Showroom920007173
Emam Bukhari Roudt Showroom920007173
Main Warehouse920007173
Al-Amry Buraidah Showroom920007173
Al-Othaim Unaizah Showroom920007173
Al-Bukairiyah Mall Showroom920007173
Al-Waha Mall Rass Showroom920007173
Al-Mashaghel Street Showroom920007173
Unaizah Al-Sowyan920007173
Al-Nakheel Mall Showroom920007173
Deira Mall Rass Showroom920007173
Unaizah Mall Showroom920007173
Unaizah Old Showroom920007173
Buraidah Showroom920007173
Al-Nakheel Mall Showroom920007173
Marina Mall Showroom920007173
Al-Othaim Al-khafji Showroom920007173
Al-Othaim Hafir Al-Batin Showroom920007173
Al-Othaim Dammam Showroom920007173
Al-Jalaweyah Showroom920007173
Al-Steen Al-Khafji Showroom920007173
Qaryat olaya Showroom920007173
Leen Mall Rafha Showroom920007173
Abqaiq Mall Showroom920007173
Aqaria Hafir Albatin Showroom920007173
Al-Jubail Mall Showroom920007173
Rashid Al-Ahsa Showroom920007173
Al-Nairyah Showroom920007173
Hafir Al-Batin 2 Showroom920007173
Crystal Mall Showroom920007173
Dhahran Mall 2 Showroom920007173
City Mall Al-Qatif Showroom920007173
Al-Qosaibi Al-Khobar Showroom920007173
Jubail Royal Authority Showroom920007173
Al-Ahsa Mall Showroom920007173
Hafir Al-Batin Showroom920007173
Al-Khafji Showroom920007173
Dareen Mall Showroom920007173
Dhahran Mall 1 Showroom920007173
Amwaj Mall Showroom920007173
Venecia Mall Showroom920007173
Al-Rashid Mall 1 Showroom920007173
Al-Fakhriah plaza Showroom920007173
City Center Showroom920007173
Hayat Mall Showroom920007173
Al-Faisaliah Showroom920007173
Najran Elbalad Showroom920007173
Rose plaza Showroom920007173
Khamis Mushait
Khamis Mushait 2 Showroom920007173
Mujan Park Showroom920007173
Al-Shebli Showroom920007173
El-waha center Showroom920007173
Khamis Avenue Showroom920007173
Asdaf Mall Showroom920007173
Khamis Mushait Showroom920007173
Al-Baha Mall Showroom920007173
Baljorshi Mall Showroom920007173
Al-Baha Showroom920007173
Al-Borhan Mall Showroom920007173
Azzan Plaza Showroom920007173
Yasmeen Aboaresh Showroom920007173
Khayalh Mall Showroom920007173
Al-Darb Showroom920007173
Sarwat Mall Showroom920007173
Samtah Mall Showroom920007173
Kadi Mall Showroom920007173
Sharurah Showroom920007173
Al-Rashid Mall Showroom920007173
Sarat Abidah Showroom920007173
Al-Bsateen Mall Showroom920007173
Namas Mall Showroom920007173
New Abha Showroom920007173
Mahayil Aseer Showroom920007173
Aseer Mall Showroom920007173
Al-Ghoneim Showroom920007173
Main Center920007173
Al-Khairiah Showroom920007173
Al-Kharj 2 Showroom920007173
Al-Hudaithi Mall Showroom920007173
Al-Takhassusi Showroom920007173
Executive Terminal 5 Showroom920007173
Executive Terminal 1 Showroom920007173
Perfume Showroom Hall 5920007173
Perfume Showroom Hall 4920007173
Perfume Showroom Hall 3920007173
Perfume Showroom Hall 2920007173
Perfume Expo Showroom920007173
Al-Rawda Showroom920007173

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