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About this Gift Card
Whites is the Kingdom’s leading beauty and lifestyle retailer, that inspires one to look beautiful and feel confident by offering a diverse range of exclusive and internationally acclaimed make-up, skincare, haircare, personal care, lifestyle and wellness brands.
Pamper you friends or loved ones with the Whites eGift Card - one digital card for all their beauty and wellness needs! The Whites eGift card gives the receiver unmatched choice from among the leading international brands, so there is something for everyone. Give them the freedom to choose their favourite products from their favourite brands, that would make them most happy while you can be content knowing that your gift would be a great success!
Whites eGift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion; for birthdays, Eid, brides to be, newlyweds, Mother’s Day, graduation, for the friend who needs a little pick-me-up, or better yet, gift it to yourself!
You can even customize your Whites eGift card and choose a theme from our many designs which cover all occasions and events, and then personalise it with a message, picture, or a video, and send it instantly or schedule a perfect time in advance. Your loved one will receive their Whites Gift Card conveniently on their email or via SMS, with an exciting digital unwrapping experience. They can then walk into any of the listed Whites stores located in Saudi Arabia with their Whites eGift card and walk out with the gifts of their choice! This is gifting made easy, fun, convenient and safe! This is gifting with YouGotaGift!
  • This eGift card can only be used at all branches of Whites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and cannot be redeemed online.
  • This eGift card can be used only once in the same transaction and for the full amount. Any unutilized amount at the time of purchase will be forfeited, and no refund will be processed for the same.
  • Multiple eGift cards can be used in the same transaction.
  • If the product purchased using the eGift Card is returned, the eGift Card will not be refunded to the customer in cash, but the product can be replaced with another product available in Whites Pharmacy, with the same value as the eGift Card used, and according to the terms and conditions of Whites pharmacy.
  • Expired eGift Cards cannot be extended, exchanged or refunded.
  • eGift Cards once issued cannot be canceled, exchanged, extended or refunded and are subject to the terms & conditions of the merchant.
  • Items purchased using this eGift Card are refundable as per the refund and exchange policy of the merchant. The merchant is solely responsible for the product & service provided to customers through the use of this eGift Card.
Rayan Onaiza Free Standing0543912729
Al Othaim Mall0538576665
One Square0553436807
Centro Anas0508988930
Yasmin Centro Plaza0500521200
Yasmin Plaza0508614428
King Khalid International Airport0581514311
EXIT #20531376855
High Line0545924468
TAKASUSI #30582283817
TAKASUSI #20559068108
The Zone0594323291
Al kharj Centre0549338604
Al Andalus Square0549684929
Mogharazat Plaza0560372576
Al Wahah Plaza0509676185
Al Khaleej0595562256
Euro Marche0571141426
Aen Cordoba Plaza0592839347
Cordoba Center0534451957
Abo Bakar0582852796
Sadhan Market0548743201
Al Hamra Plaza0552204685
La Valle Mall0599713308
Olaya Mall0555217170
Nakheel Mall0536768277
Riyadh Park0556335537
Hamra Mall0573297718
Granada Mall0507510777
Panorama Mall0505121109
Alia Plaza0590171161
Grand Mall0507669560
Al Aqiq Plaza0570112868
Thager Plaza0533688382
Al Ghader0545739232
TAKASUSI #1054671333
Rawabi Plaza0560464594
Merkato Plaza0533611566
Badea - Tamimi0580848920
Dabab - Tamimi0581883196
Al Jazera0550970657
Al Rabwa Plaza0597713349
Rayan Buraidah - Omar Bin Khatab0590124707
Arab Mall0557888908
Massara Plaza0544318401
Yasmin Mall0581337166
Andalus Mall0567669967
Haifa Mall0555169665
Salam Mall0555501648
Ubhor plaza0558365272
Jarir Sari0541735770
Jouri Mall0507218588
Tabuk Mall0558200957
Khamis Mushait
Khamis Mushayt0544538600
Dana Mall0590224747
Ravala Plaza0557997257
Nakheel Mall0544226469
Al Manar0581114142
Al Khobar
Al Raka Plaza0538037511
Rashid Mall0566063607
Khuzama Plaza0595401399
Al Ahsa
Salam Plaza0564643671
Dahran Mall0558500366
Amwaj Mall0542087616
Doha Plaza0547577700
Doha Plaza - Dahran+966114701032