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You liked us as Wojooh, you will love us as Faces! Faces is the leading beauty retailer in the region with 20 years of presence and expertise in the market. With 85 stores across 9 countries and an online presence, we are still growing with an international expansion in the near future. Being pioneers in beauty retail in the region has allowed us to become undeniable fragrance, makeup and skincare experts.

Our brand has grown and evolved through the years, but our core values remain to always be authentic, caring and inspiring to our clients.

We are a human value driven retailer who genuinely cares for its clients and their singular needs. We aim at satisfying them, whoever they are, and wherever they are; by offering them an amazing curated choice of exclusive products, one of the most generous loyalty programs in the region, as well as a wide array of bespoke and inclusive experiences and services, using innovative technologies. We seek to make their journey a deeply enjoyable one and create a real emotional connection in every beauty moment.

We come from a place that understands your beauty needs. Beauty is all about exchange of tips, inspiration, and expertise, and we’ve really evolved into a brand that has transcended past your traditional retailer. The spectrum of beauty in itself has become more complex being the most rapidly evolving retail sector, and we’ve embraced those changes and trends to stay ahead in the game.

More than ever, Beauty is about self-expression, embracing diversity and experimentation. We want to help reveal each person’s uniqueness, and we want to give you the tools and support to express your beauty.

FACES, Live your beauty.
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Nakheel DMM802 845 8000
Faces Tabuk Park801 845 8000
Riyadh Park800 845 8000
Khamees Avenue
Ibn Khaldoun
Al Makan Mall
Othiem Mall128 665 014
Jubail Mall
Hassa Mall
Othaim Hassa Mall
Onaiza mall
Garden Mall
Al-Makan Mall
Riyadh Park
Othaim Rabwa
Kadi Mall
Aseer Mall MEN
Jury Mall
Dhiyafa Mall MEN
Makkah Mall
Salaam Mall
Nojoud Center Flagship
RIYADH GALLERY011 207 8517
PANORAMA011 281 5804
NAKHEEL MALL011 415 8346
SALMA HAIL054 544 7734
OTHAIM KHURAIS011 233 8280
AL NAKHEEL MALL 016 385 0916
SALAM PLAZA011 247 2302
Hamra Mall011 452 0360
Shaikh Avenue 013 802 6481
CITY MALL 013 823 9353
DAHRAN MALL013 868 4017
HAIFA MALL012 663 6978
Hafr albatin
ALIA MADINA014 849 2456
MALL OF ARABIA012 605 0940
STARS AVENUE012 275 4286
AL NOOR MALL014 849 3997
DANA MALL014 392 7299
RED SEA MALL012 215 1224
AZIZ MALL012 616 1834
Andalus Mall012 699 9292
ZAHRANI MALL012 743 7901
MAKKAH DHYAFA012 549 7375