11 Unique Online Gifts in Dubai

Online gifts DubaiWhen we choose gifts, we make our decisions based on the brand name, the price, the quality provided and the appropriateness for the occasion. However, many times, we are on the lookout for online gifts in Dubai that are just unique. Uniqueness is found when the gift is exclusive and creative at the same time; uniqueness is also when the gift receiver does not expect to be gifted such an item and is pleasantly surprised! If this is the kind of gift card that you are seeking, then we are happy to tell you that you can find it right here with us. To illustrate our point, we have put together a list of 11 exclusive pieces that gift receivers can buy, using our gift cards. So, here it goes:

  1. unique online giftsThe Creopop Pen Starter Kit – With the Virgin Megastore eGift Card, your loved ones can purchase this one of a kind item. It is a pencil that allows you to create designs that come to life. It is a great gift for both kids and adults as they can use their creativity in a whole newway!
  2. The Pom Pom Hoop Earrings – This pair of accessories is designed to make any outfit stand out from the rest. They are available in pink and red, and can be purchased with the Qanz Zara eGift Card, one of our online gifts UAE-residents love!
  3. The Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Box for Samsung – Not only is this item super fun, it also allows gift receivers to see the world in a completely unique way. They can get their hands on this gadget with a Souq.com eGift Card!
  4. The Skyland Foot Massage Spa – Did you know that gift receivers can buy this in-home foot massage spa to use after a long, exhausting work day with a Sharaf DG gift voucher?
  5. coffee machines - online gifts uaeNespresso Coffee Machines – We love it, we need it, we have it on a daily basis. Yes, we are talking about coffee! With the Galeries Lafayette eGift Card, your loved one can get their hands on the best coffee machines.
  6. The Silky Skin Body Scrub with Seaweed – Here is another one of our unique online gift ideas, from Tips and Toes. It is an exceptional skin treatment that will leave your loved one feeling refreshed.
  7. The Razor Ground Force Drifter Go-Kart – With a Toys R Us eGift Card, kids are in for a unique treat: they can buy this go cart to cruise around in style with their friends!
  8. Burberry Beard Oil – Moving on to beauty-related gifts, the Wojooh eGift Card is definitely unique in that it also has this great product for men. If you know a man who cares a lot for his beard, gift him this card with which he can buy this amazing beard oil.
  9. The Water Lily Candleholder – You may know Swarovski as a seller of handmade crystal jewelry. But, did you know they also sell beautiful home décor pieces such as this one that can improve any home’s design?
  10. turn table - online gift ideasThe Mackie 4-Channel Professional Effects Mixer – Do you know someone who is an up-and-coming DJ, or is trying to be? If so, the Melody House eGift Card is the only one that will let them buy this exclusive music mixer.
  11. The Nike White Sneaker Collection – Here is where gift receivers will find the freshest pair of white shoes for the summer, and it is available with the Sun and Sands Sports eGift Card.

Whatever you select, you can be sure that it will be among the most unique online gifts Dubai-dwellers have ever seen!

P.S: Make sure you suggest the unique gift in the personal message of your eGift Card!

Online Gifts Dubai

How to Say Thank You to Teachers – Teacher Gifts in Dubai

Teachers Gifts DubaiA teacher takes a hand; opens a mind and touches a heart. If you know a teacher who has done all of these and more, then this blog will definitely interest you. They have supported you and your kids for months and years; they have seen them grow; they have helped them up whenever they were feeling down; they have been a big part of their success and have become a great part of your life. Today’s blog looks at different ways to say thank you for all the amazing things they have done for you or your children.

As the academic year comes to a close and the teacher’s job is done, it is your turn to step in and give thanks. We understand you might not know what the best gift ideas for teachers are, which is why we have created a short list of different ways to say thank you to these great individuals.

Say thank you with an exquisite meal. Sometimes, the best reward is a delicious meal in a nice setting. Two online gift cards can accomplish this. The first one is the Mint Leaf of London eGift Card, with which they can taste culinary artistry from India. The other option is a Jones the Grocer eGift Card. This restaurant is all about fresh, tasty, nutritious and satisfying meals, making it a perfect choice for any teacher following a healthy lifestyle.

spa gifts dubaiSay thank with the gift of pampering. Man or woman, all teachers need some time off to reenergize and relax before the start of the next academic year. Men can do so if you gift them an online voucher from 1847, where they will be taken care of with the best massages and most rejuvenating treatments. Women can enjoy such pampering with an eGift Card from The Nail Spa, where a luxurious spa experience awaits her. It is a necessity for any teacher and a great way to reduce stress!

gifts for teachers in DubaiSay thank you with a new beauty kit. Help them start the new year with a fresh new make up collection from either L’Occitane en Provence or Wojooh. The first option works well for any teacher who uses all natural products for their beauty routine, while the second one offers all the best makeup brands including Lancôme, Valentino and Benefit.

Say thank you with a sparkle. A woman will never say no to some new jewelry and we know the perfect place to get the best ones: that is Swarovski. This jeweler offers unique designs that will give her look a shiny boost! She is guaranteed to find pieces that she loves and that others will love as well!

Gift ideas for teachersAll of these gift cards can be redeemed in stores across the United Arab Emirates, making these options great teachers gifts (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah) that will surely not disappoint. And these are only some examples of gifts that you can find on our website. We have gift cards that will speak to the hearts of all kinds of teachers: from those who love fashion, to those who love technology, and even those who love to eat. Our gifts for teachers in Dubai are engineered to impress!

On our platform, you can say thank you with much more than just a gift card; you can also add a thank you message, a sweet video as well as a fun template that will make their day. If you are on a quest to find a gift for a special teacher, you have just found it. We make finding it easy for you, and loving it even easier for them!

Online Gifts Dubai

Gifts that Prepare for the Next Stages of Life – Graduation Gifts in Dubai

Graduation Gifts DubaiGraduation is an important part of our lives. It is the end of a beautiful chapter of our lifetime, in which we learn the things that will stand by us for the rest of our days, and when we learn to be the best version of ourselves. However, this chapter ends just so we can start a new one. For those finishing from high school, graduation is the point at which they enter college. For others finishing university, graduation is the point of entry into the workplace. In either situation, we believe the best gift is the one that prepares for the next stages of life. Luckily, that is exactly what we have on offer. The below is a list of graduation gift ideas in Dubai that will prepare your loved one for either college, or for work.

First, let’s talk about some gifts that prep them for college. It’s an entirely new world, and so, the graduate will need an entirely new set of things, including new gadgets. The best way for them to get these is with an eGift card from IStyle with which they can get the latest phones and computers from one of the best brands in the world, Apple!

University also calls for a new wardrobe, and the Qanz eGift Card is great for that purpose because it allows receivers to upgrade their closets with apparel from stores such as Zara, Bershka, Old Navy and Mango! This is an especially attractive card if you are looking for graduation gifts for her.

College is all about gaining independence and trying out new experiences. That is why it is important for young graduates to learn how to cook, for example! You can help them do so by offering them the Top Chef eGift Card with which they can take a culinary master class. Also, you can encourage these youngsters to try out something new with their friends, by gifting them the Dubai Autodrome or the Ski Dubai gift cards, as these two are truly one of a kind experiences. This category of gifts is suitable for girls, but also make great graduation gifts for him!

Now, let’s move our discussion to gifts that prepare for work. These graduates are going from having holidays every month to having a few days off each year. You can help them take full advantage of their holidays with the Musafir.com eGift Card with which they can book hotels, flights and activities in many countries around the world.

This new chapter of their lives also requires them to upgrade their technology! Sharaf DG is the best store to do so because they offer the best brands of tech at the best prices. Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

More importantly, starting a new job requires the graduate to make a lasting first impression. Yes! That means they need to dress to impress, and we know just how you can help them do that. That is by gifting them the Boutique 1 eGift Card. This is where style meets luxury, and where your loved one will find the right outfit that communicates the right message.

Alternatively, you can simply choose to help them celebrate this joyous event, with an eGift card from Tribes restaurant, or with a voucher from The Meat Co. Both will satisfy even the pickiest taste buds, and provide the graduate with a true celebration of the occasion. These are both graduation gifts Dubai-foodies, and ex-students, love!

For your next graduation occasion, gift what the graduate truly needs: items that will smoothen the transition into the next phase of life.Online Gifts Dubai

Be a Part of their Childhood – Baby Gifts in Dubai

Baby Gifts DubaiToday’s blog is all about buying baby gifts in Dubai for the lovely, new parents in your life. So, if you have a baby shower coming up soon or if your loved one has just had a baby boy or girl, this blog is definitely for you. We understand that it is not always simple to determine what it is that the new parents need for their children and where is the best place to buy such items. Let us help you with that. The first step is to figure out what any parent would need for their newborns or their kids. Next, we come in to save the day with a list of the best gift cards for each of these needs! The list below details four basic parental needs, and the top brands that provide the goods and services necessary for the child’s upbringing. That way, you will know exactly what to get!

Key to any baby or child’s childhood are the toys they play with. They can be fun, educational and a source of great happiness for the little ones. On our platform, you can select from three different gift cards that open the doors to a world of wonder and make for great gifts for kids in Dubai. The first one is the eGift Card from The Toy Store. Their range of toys include action figures, dolls, collectibles, puzzles as well as books and video games, among many others. The second toy-related gift card on our list is from Build-A-Bear. Not only can their child find their new furry friend, they can be the ones to choose how it will look like. It’s a fun time for parents and kids! The final gift card in this category is the Toys R Us card. This store is home to thousands of toys, including outdoor play, bikes, scooters and even electronics.

Baby gifts in DubaiClothing is another basic need for newborns, and luckily, we have two exclusive gift cards that fall perfectly in this category. The Poupette a la plage eGift Card is perfect for all things beach! They offer some very exclusive pieces of swimwear and accessories for children of all ages. The next gift card is from Katakeet. This is where parents will find the trendiest, most stylish and fashionable apparel for their little ones, and where they can find outfits for all their biggest occasions.

Baby photographLet’s talk baby equipment! We have exactly what any parent looks for the comfort and safety of their children. For example, the Babies R Us eGift Card allows the happy couple to purchase car seats, strollers, bedding as well as kids’ furniture that will keep the little one cozy and happy! The Babyshop eGift Card has a similar offering, but also sells travel systems such as baby carriers for travel purposes, potty and training seats as well as walkers and swings. The mumzworld.com eGift Card allows parents to buy all this equipment from the comfort of their own homes.

gifts for kids in dubai - portraitAnother very important need for any new parents is the need to make and keep memories of their little ones growing up. You can allow them to do so if you offer them the Loomi Photography eGift Card. This will give them access to an exclusive photography session for the newborn baby, as well as to a gallery of beautiful pictures that will stay with them forever.

With the help of this blog, we hope you will be able to select baby gifts Dubai-parents will thank you for, for years to come. You are not only buying a gift; you are becoming an important part of that baby’s life!

baby gifts dubai

The Ultimate Birthday Gift Giving Guide – Birthday Gift Ideas in Dubai

Birthday Gifts DubaiWelcome to the blog post that will make birthday gift giving significantly simpler. We have come up with the best and most useful guide for finding the greatest gifts for your loved one’s biggest occasion! Birthday gifts are the most common and frequent type of gifts we encounter in our lifetime, and finding them is not always an easy task. However, with this helpful guide, we are hoping that this will no longer be the case.

This guide is easy to remember and even easier to apply. As a result, you will find the most suitable birthday gifts in Dubai for your friends and family. We like to call this guide the 3 Ps of birthday gift giving. More specifically, we recommend the following: whenever you are faced with the need for a birthday gift, think of the person, the purpose, and personalization. To make this clearer, we have a few examples explained right below!

Thinking Birthday Gift IdeasThe Person. The most important part of any gift giving process is the individual receiving the gift. In this step, we suggest that you think long and hard about him or her, list down the main features of their personality, their likes and dislikes, as well as their current needs. For instance, if that person is in need of a new phone or laptop, you can choose to gift them an eGift card from Sharaf DG so they can do so! Alternatively, if this individual loves to take care of herself, then your best gift option would be to gift her the NStyle or Wojooh gift card with which they can pamper themselves to the maximum.

Or, let’s say he or she loves to eat, then the perfect gift for them would be dinner at the delicious Tribes restaurant!

Purposeful GiftingThe Purpose. Now it is time to take things a bit further by thinking of your loved one’s higher purpose, the life goals they would like to achieve in the short and long run. Being part of the reason they are able to achieve it will definitely make you and them happy. To be more exact, if the gift receiver is seeking to live an all-natural, healthy lifestyle, you can help by giving them the L’Occitane en Provence or the Nike gift card! Or, if they have been working for a long time now and are in need of some time off the re-energize, the perfect option would be a spa getaway at Spacordon.

Birthday Gifts in Dubai - KeyboardFinally, if that person is constantly looking to try out new experiences, allow them to do so with the Melody House gift card with which they can learn to play a new instrument or improve on their current skills.

PersonalizationIn any case, a birthday gift must absolutely be personalized. We think that by simply gifting them what they want and showing them that you know them, the personalization is there! For example, if you know your loved one to be a fashion lover and have chosen to gift them the Galeries Lafayette, Qanz or Tommy Hilfiger gift cards, you have reached high levels of personalization.

However, in addition to this, our platform allows you to personalize even further by adding a special message, a cute little video or photo, and even greeting cards of all themes to your online birthday gifts.

Our online gifting platform allows you to accomplish the 3 Ps of birthday gift giving at the click of a button. We have birthday gifts Dubai-people love, as well as gifts for all purposes. In addition to this, we allow you to make use of many personalization features for maximum impact and happiness.

For the next birthday, don’t think further than the 3 Ps: Person, Purpose, Personalization!

Birthday Gift Ideas Dubai

This Eid, think Elegance, Excellence, Exclusiveness & Expressiveness! Eid Gifts in Dubai

Eid gifts in DubaiIt is almost that holy and blessed time of the year again! Eid Al Fitr is a day of togetherness, happiness, generosity and gratitude. Eid is a time when families come together; when everyone dresses in their best clothes; when the blessings are many and when gifts are exchanged in celebration. When you think of the number of presents that you will have to buy for this occasion, you may become a little bit worried, especially if you are unsure about what to gift and how to gift. Allow us to help you with that. This year, we have a list of Eid gifts in Dubai that are surely going to complement the spirit of the occasion. Think of four Es: elegance, excellence, exclusiveness and expressiveness. These four words are what make our Eid gift cards perfectly suited for all your gifting needs; and all of the options in our list are at least one of these words. Let us take you through the range of choices you have!

  • Eid gifts in UAEElegant gifts. For such gifts, you can choose either jewelry or clothes as gift options. More specifically, an eGift Card from Malabar Gold will allow your loved one to purchase some of the most exquisite and elegant pieces, including gold necklaces, bracelets, rings and many more. Alternatively, you can go for the Swarovski voucher, with which they can lay their hands on handcrafted and crystalized items that complement any outfit, or any home. However, if it is clothing that you are seeking, elegance is in the Massimo Dutti eGift card. Their looks are designed for the modern, elegant and sophisticated man or woman.Restaurant Food Gift Cards
  • Gifts of excellence. When we say excellence, we mean gifts that are going to exceed all expectations. Our dining options definitely fall under this category. For example, Jones the Grocer sources only the freshest and best quality ingredients for their customers. That is why an eGift Card from this restaurant is sure going to show excellence. If your loved one is a meat lover, then you should select the Tribes or The Meat Co gift card, as these two options offer only the top-of-the-line, best meat in the industry, allowing gift receivers to enjoy a five-star meal. Excellence is also in services! Indeed, Cleopatra’s Spa is the destination to go to if one is seeking some time to rejuvenate and relax. The same can be said about the Tips and Toes eGift Card: it is the one to choose for anyone seeking an excellence manicure and pedicure.
  • Yoga GiftsExclusive gift cards. Exclusivity in gifts means that your loved one will feel special when receiving it. This is definitely true if they are being gifted the Yas Mall eGift Card, because not only are you giving them access to hundreds of stores, you are also allowing them to buy from the most exquisite boutiques in the market, including Tryano, Carolina Herrera and Valentino. Feeling special also comes from knowing your loved one and what he or she likes. If they are in need of a retreat or some time off, get them the Urban Yoga or Zen Yoga gift card so they can learn to be Zen and relaxed their entire lives.
  • Expressive gifts. These kinds of gift send a message of love to the gift receivers. By choosing the Zara eGift card, you are allowing them to buy the finest and trendiest pieces in the fashion world. An Aldo eGift card is a great way to say “Eid Mubarak” because it gives receivers many stylish shoe options. Both the Katakeet and Toys R Us gift cards show your understanding, support and of the children in your family!

Trust us when we say that we know what we are talking about when it comes to Eid gifts Dubai-dwellers will love. The above list of Eid gifts in UAE fall in the spirit of generosity, happiness, gratitude, and togetherness of this occasions. With that, we wish you a blessed Ramadan and Eid Mubarak.

Online Gifts Dubai

Forget about Physical Gift Cards, Think Digital! Online Gifts in Dubai

Online Gifts DubaiIn the past, we have given you many reasons why online gift cards are better than traditional, physical gifts including their convenience, ease-of-use, possibilities of personalization and the many options available to choose from. Well, today’s blog is a little bit different. Now, we want to prove to you that online gifts cards are better than physical gift cards. In other words, we are trying to show you that buying your gift cards from an online platform is far better than buying it from the actual store. There are many reasons for this.

First, a physical gift card is easily lost while the eGift Card is safely stored in the gift receiver’s email, or messaging inbox. That way, your loved one will never lose this little card that brings so much joy.

Second, the online gift voucher is very convenient for the sender because it allows them to send gift card from the comfort of their own homes, and prevents them from forgetting or not having time to buy a present.

Third, these digital gifts are also economical: most of them don’t require you to pay a fee, and you can choose the amount you want to put in. However, the best part of these types of gifts is that there are many options to choose from and that means that your loved ones will never be disappointed with what they’ve been offered. If you don’t believe us, here are some online gift ideas you can find on our website:

  • Clothing is one of our main product categories, as we have online gifts Dubai fashionistas will thank you for. If you are on the lookout for an all-encompassing fashion gift, go for the Apparel gift card that combines around 600 stores including Aldo, Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and many more. If you are seeking more affordable fashion, then you should choose the Centrepoint gift card. Other options include stylish everyday wear from Fitness GiftsAeropostale, and sophisticated styles from Massimo Dutti.
  • Experiences are also very big when it comes to gifts. On our platform, you will find gift cards that offer fitness experiences such as the Surf House, or Zen Yoga where your loved one can learn the art of surfing or the art of yoga. Alternatively, you can select a unique dining experience at Mint Leaf of London as your gift card of choice, with which gift receivers can enjoy modern Indian dishes that will make their Experiences Gifts Dubaitaste buds dance.
  • Entertainment can also be a great gift card option for individuals of all ages. Kids will love you for gifting them an eGift card from The Toy Store, where they will find thousands of fun games that will bring smiles to the entire family. Speaking of family, how about an eGift card from Reel Cinemas where they can enjoy quality time and a quality movie.

Entertainment Gifts DubaiMany believe that online gift cards are not personal and that physical gift cards can be wrapped in beautiful paper and combined with a bow. However, you should know that our gifting platform allows you to personalize eGift cards. How? You can choose from many possible designs to go with the card; you can also add a picture or a video; and finally, you can add a lengthy message to your loved one. Our online gifts in Dubai have many benefits: they are many (100+ popular brands), they are personal (personalization feature), they are safe (secured payment gateway) and they are convenient (easy and instant gifting).

Another great part of online gift cards is that they can travel borders. In other words, if your loved one lives in Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait or Qatar, you can still send them love with our eGift cards as we have several options in these countries. Even if you live abroad, and your friend or family member lives in the Emirates, you can still choose from online gifts UAE residents love.

Online Gifts Dubai

If you Miss them, Gift them! Send Gifts to Dubai Easily

Send Gifts DubaiThe United Arab Emirates is a melting pot of nationalities! In fact, did you know that around 8 million residents of this country are expatriates? Well, it’s true! If you think about it, that means that all of these people have left their homes and their families to live their lives in the UAE. But, this doesn’t mean that you don’t miss them, or that you don’t think about them. It is true that the distance has separated you from your loved one; however, we know a way to re-connect the two of you in a unique and long-lasting manner, and that is through the act of sending GIFTS! They have been proven to make relationships stronger even when the two individuals live apart from each other. If you miss your dear friend or family member, you can now easily send gifts to UAE-residents, to let them know that distance has not affected your relationship, and never will.

If you are still reading this blog, it means that you are interested in sending gifts to the UAE; but, you may still be confused about what to get. We are here to help you with that with the following list possible gift cards you can send to your loved one living in the cities of the UAE. From shopping sprees, entertainment, children toys and even luxury gifts, we have it all on our gifting platform, especially made for you to choose from and for your loved one to love:

  • fashion gifts in DubaiIf your loved one in the UAE loves to shop the latest trends, or is simply in need of some retail therapy, then you have the option to choose from Zara, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger and Centrepoint. Each store has something unique to offer. Zara and Mango’s racks are filled with the latest pieces straight from the fashion catwalks. Shopping at either store is guaranteed to fulfill even the most stylish shoppers!

At Tommy Hilfiger, gift receivers are in for a treat as they will be able to access an            exclusive collection of classy and sophisticated apparel that are guaranteed to make your      loved one walk around in style. At Centrepoint, the offering is a little different since this     department store offers trendy and fashionable items at very affordable prices. Your loved one can buy more items for less.

spa gifts in Dubai

  • When you decide to send online gifts to Dubai, you can’t ignore entertainment as an option. The country’s cities have so much to offer when it comes to fun. For example, Abu Dhabi residents can enjoy an eGift Card from Yas Mall with which they can try shooting at Battle Zone, or take the kids to Fun Works for a guaranteed good time. Alternatively, if the gift receiver believes that a day at the spa is the true definition of entertainment, then you should select the Tips and Toes or Cleopatra’s Spa gift card. While the first one is a specialist in manicure and pedicures, the second one is a great destination for massages and rejuvenation.

Another favorite way to be entertained is by catching a movie at Reel Cinemas and that is gifts for kids in dubaidefinitely another great gift card option for your loved one.

  • If your dear friend or family member has kids of his own, help them make their children happy by gifting them an eGift Card from The Toy Store with which they can choose from a world of fun and games.
  • A final option you can select is the gift of luxury with a Swarovski gift card. This is the gift that will allow your loved one to shine bright like a diamond.

Forget about distance when you can send your family and friends living abroad love across the borders. As soon as you start missing them, think of us as the invisible bridge that allows you to send gifts to Dubai.

Send Gifts to UAE

Gifts that Strengthen Relationships! Gifts for Him in Dubai

Gifts for him uaeDid you know that gifts can be signals? Let me explain. Research has proven that when gift recipients receive a great gift from someone, they form positive feelings towards the sender and believe the relationship between them is strong and strong. In other words, if you send your loved one the gift they want and need, they will begin to appreciate how much the two of you have in common and how much you know them. The same piece of research shows that this is especially true for men. In fact, men who received the wrong gifts from their significant others started questioning the strength of the relationship. Luckily, we are here to avoid this situation. On our gifting platform, you will find a long list of gifts for men that will never make them question your love and appreciation for him.

Our gifts are widespread and not only limited to the city of Dubai, as you will see in the below list. You will find gifts for him (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK and others) that will only reinforce your relationship with the special man in your life, and make sure it is a long-lasting one! Our gift card options include retail therapy, experiences, online shopping, fitness destinations and spa getaways, among many others. Let’s take a closer look at what you can choose from:

  • Gifts for him DubaiWhen it comes to retail therapy, our platform is designed to impress you and your loved one. Starting in the capital, Abu Dhabi, you can get him an eGift card from Yas Mall with which he can shop from the best brands around the world including Armani Jeans, Diesel and Fred Perry. Alternatively, you can select a Massimo Dutti gift card; with this, he can lay his hands on the most sophisticated designs on the market. Also, if he is not satisfied with the last option, go for the Tommy Hilfiger online voucher, with which he can access a collection of classics with a vibrant and colorful twist.
  • Gifts for him in Dubai
  • Let’s talk experiences because they are really great and memorable gift options. Among our best ones is the Surf House. Can you imagine a place where he can learn how to surf, take a yoga class, shop for swimwear and even record some music? Well, this is it and it is the ultimate experiential gift that he will love.
  • Sports are a very big part of many lives, and that’s how it should be. If the man in your life is a lover of fitness or simply needs a push, then you should choose an eGift card from Sun and Sands Sports, Decathlon and Athletes Co. Each has something unique to offer: the first holds the best fitness brands around the world, the second allows access to items for all possible sports at the best possible prices, and the third is the best complement to the first two as your loved one can buy the best quality shoes for his sporting needs.
  • Moving on to online shopping, you can choose between either Itunes UAE that gives him access to the hits that will make him sing and dance wherever he goes, or Souq.com with which he can buy electronics, cosmetics, home décor and even sporting items. Here, it is all about convenience.
  • Finally, science has proven that a day at the spa can significantly reduce stress levels in men and women. If your man needs this, then don’t hesitate to gift him the Jazz Lounge Spa They will not fail to relax and rejuvenate him.

Our gift cards are not limited to the UAE. Visit our website to find gifts in other countries in the region, for your loved ones living abroad.

Forget about risking your relationship with the special man in your life, choose from our gifts for him (UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia…) and we will not disappoint you.

Online Gifts Dubai

When Birthdays are Often, Gifts are Often – Gifts for Kids in Dubai

Birthday gift Ideas for kidsDid you know that you share your birthday with around 19 million people all around the world? Think about that: 19 million people worldwide are celebrating their big day on the same day that you are! Imagine: that is around 19 million gifts having to be bought per day. The point I am trying to make is that birthdays are the most common kind of celebration and we are faced with the need for a birthday gift on a weekly basis sometimes. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to think of an original and personal gift each week, so we are here to help.

Ladies and gentlemen, our gifts are not limited to Dubai; we have options in many other cities in the UAE! This week, we will be giving you amazing gift ideas for the children in your life. Yes! Whether it is your son, your nephew, your colleague’s newborn, or your best friend’s child, our range of birthday gifts (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK…) are going to fulfill all children’s wildest dreams and accompany them in the journey of their childhood.

So, what options do you have?

  • Birthday gifts for kids in DubaiFirst among our many birthday gift ideas for kids is the gift of an experience. We all know that experiences are quite a big deal for all children. That is why a great gift idea would be to get them an eGift card from iFLY, Little Explorers, Ski Dubai or Magic Planet! Each one has something unique to offer. iFLY will allow them to tell their friends about the time they flew like a bird. At Little Explorers, parents can observe their children develop their physical and mental development. At Ski Dubai, the kids can enjoy amazing snow activities such as skiing, snowboarding or simply spending time at the snow park. Finally, with the Magic Planet eGift card, kids can rejoice in a world of fun, games, activities, and many rewards!
  • Alternatively, you may choose something different: a gift that will help moms and dads raise their babies and children in a safe and a comfortable environment. If you didn’t guess yet, I am talking about an online gift voucher from either Babies R Us, Mumzworld.com, or the Babyshop. These three stores let parents access an amazing range of items for children of Birthday gifts for kidsall ages. From baby food, high chairs, strollers and bath tubs, these stores are truly a one-stop-shop for all things kids. Don’t be fooled, however. Parents can also find clothing for children of all ages: from newborns to teens. This birthday, you will be the reason the children are so stylish.
  • Finally, children and toys go like two peas in a pod. With an eGift card from Toys R Us or The Toy Store, children can lay their hands on the best recreational and educational toys, from the best brands around the world. For something a little different, choose an eGift card from Build a Bear with which the kids can make their own fuzzy friend, name it and take it home to love and care for.

And if you are not inspired yet, wait until you visit our website, YouGotaGift.com, where you can find even more birthday gifts for kids that are guaranteed to make both parents and kids happy on this special occasion.

So, next time you are faced with the need for birthday gifts for kids in Dubai, don’t panic! Just visit us and we will definitely make gifting easier for you, and fun and rewarding for children of all ages.

Birthday Gift Ideas Dubai