McAfee Total Protection
Validity 12 month(s)
About this Gift Card
McAfee Total Protection is all round security product from McAfee that combines Antivirus, Privacy and Identity tools and features so you can defend yourself from the latest Virus, Malware, Ransomware and Spyware attacks and also prevents your identity and privacy from being revealed.
McAfee Total Protection is a must have product, to ensure a safe, secure and convenient online experience, considering the multiple devices at the offices or at homes, that are connected to the internet and therefore exposed to numerous threats that include viruses, malwares, ransomwares, etc. With the McAfee Total Protection covering upto 5 devices, you can browse or shop online and enjoy a worry-free online experience, no matter if you are using a Windows PC, MAC, Tablet or a smartphone. What’s even better is that your privacy and personal information is also being protected.
It’s a perfect gift for friends, family or colleagues who have recently invested in the latest PC, Laptop or Smartphone, for families that have multiple devices that need to be protected, and even office goers, who would be at peace knowing their work would always be protected.
You can even customize your McAfee Total Protection eGift card and choose a theme from our many designs which cover all occasions and events, and then personalise it with a message, picture, or a video, and send it instantly or schedule a perfect time in advance. Your loved one will receive their McAfee Total Protection Gift Card conveniently on their email or via SMS, with an exciting digital unwrapping experience. They can then visit the McAfee website to redeem their McAfee Total Protection Gift Card, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they would now be protected from online threats and attacks! This is gifting made easy, fun, convenient and safe! This is gifting with YouGotaGift !
  • This eGift card is valid for 12 months from purchase.
  • Activation Code is valid for upto 5 devices for a 1 year period, starting from when it is redeemed on the first device.
  • Your subscription is subject to the License Agreement and Privacy Notice available at eGift www. On Purchasing or Using the code or software, you accept to comply to all terms and conditions.
  • Product features may be added, changed or removed during the subscription term. Not all features may be available on all devices.
  • Expired eGift Cards cannot be extended, exchanged or refunded.